Harrison Hickman

Harrison Hickman has conducted jury research for over 30 years. His professional practice has focused on all aspects of opinion research, message development and testing, and statistical. Harrison has created and adapted unique research methodologies, statistics, and analytical techniques used in community surveys, mock trials, juror polling, and focus groups, and has been instrumental in the design and refinement of the firm’s Integrated Selection Model.

Harrison and his work have been recognized by national media outlets as the “best in the business” and the nation’s “most valuable pollster.”  In addition to his work for private clients, he served as an election consultant to CBS News for 25 years, including 15 years as the principal consultant for the anchor desk.  He has testified as an expert witness on public opinion research methods in federal court.

Harrison earned his master’s degree at the University of Nebraska, completed doctoral exams in political science at Tulane University, and received advanced training in opinion research and statistical methods at the University of Michigan. He has taught graduate level classes at the University of Maryland and George Washington University and lectured at numerous institutions including Harvard, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Pennsylvania.