We recognize successful litigation does not always end at trial. We offer a number of post-trial and appellate consultation services.



Select Litigation will interview jurors post trial to assess their perception of the case, their view of the trial team, the presentation and witnesses, and how and why they reached their verdict. 


Following the conclusion of a trial, we provide legal counsel with an in-depth analysis of their case, including strengths, weaknesses, successes, and missed opportunities.  We share our in-depth understanding  of the factors that influenced the jury to reach their verdict.  This comprehensive analysis provides our clients with targeted strategies for continuous improvement and future success.


Our appellate consulting services offer our clients an edge as they prepare to argue appeals at the state and federal levels. Our customized research examines factors ranging from previous judicial rulings to venue statistics, providing legal counsel with information to defend victories or argue against adverse decisions. When oral arguments are required, we use experienced judges to help attorneys to develop persuasive arguments and techniques for successful appellate results.