Our team conducts extensive research to develop a pre-trial strategy building on the strengths of your case to help you effectively prepare for trial.  



We begin with a thorough investigation of the jurisdiction rules for jury selection – how the juror list is compiled, how the venue is selected, and the procedures for striking the jury.  Each element plays a critical role in the selection of the jury.  We also conduct an analysis of verdicts and public opinion surrounding similar cases and issues to provide insight to counsel as they develop their case.

Mock trials

We use mock trials to help our clients establish effective trial strategies and overall themes and narratives.  This is essential in assessing alternative tactics to handle key evidence and witnesses, and the development of effective graphics to be used in the trial.  We include only jury-eligible participants in our mock trials and closely match the groups to the demographic characteristics of the likely jury.


We provide in-depth examinations of key players in the litigation, including opposing counsel, witnesses, experts, and investigators.  This is often supplemented by interviewing those familiar with the target and professional assessments where applicable.  Our clients are provided a complete dossier of each player that is updated throughout our engagement.


Community Surveys and Predictive Modeling

Select Litigation conducts polls of jury-eligible individuals that are customized to probe underlying attitudes and biases of each case.  Our state of the art sampling, measurement, and analysis have been developed from 35 years of experience at the highest levels. The result is a unique predictive model that goes beyond mere demographic data to effectively predict how an individual is inclined to judge the case.