Jury selection

Selecting the right jury is essential to successful trial outcomes.  Our Integrated Selection Model uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to strike the most favorable jury.

juror questionnaires

JUROR questionnaires and voir dire

To more closely link our predictive model to decisions about individual jurors, we develop supplemental questions for court-distributed juror questionnaires as well as for panel and individual-level voir dire. Our licensed attorneys participate in bench consultations on jury-related issues and in camera examinations of individual jurors.

integrated database


All of the information contained in the Integrated Selection Model is available in a user-friendly platform, allowing the legal team to access critical documentation at any time in the selection process.  This capability provides an edge when justifying for-cause strikes and winning Batson challenges

individual juror reseach


Once the court distributes completed juror questionnaires, our team of researchers utilizes state-of-the-art methods to gather all available information about each prospective juror including:

  • personal records (marriage, divorce, voting)
  • professional history and business records (education, liens, licenses, lawsuits)
  •  legal records (civil and criminal suits, bankruptcy, liens, judgments)
  • property records (foreclosure, mortgage)
  • media mentions (including national and local publications)
  • internet appearances (including websites, blogs and online publications)
  • social media presence.


juror scores


Rather than creating an “ideal juror,” we assign a specific score to each member of the pool based on the accumulated information in the Integrated Selection Model.  Scores are continually revised to reflect new information and are used to make decisions quickly and efficiently when striking the jury.

selection scenerios


We perform a thorough if-then analysis on the pool of prospective jurors to examine alternative striking scenarios, including estimations of how the opposing side will analyze the pool if they have similar information.  The result is a practical plan for using for-cause and discretionary strikes effectively and anticipating likely challenges.


Our juror summaries cut through the clutter and expedite review.  We highlight key facts and refine critical information based on each juror’s assigned score. Once a final jury is selected, we provide a full profile for each juror and alternate with a photo and a schematic showing their seat in the jury box.