In addition to our work on jury selection, we provide a number of other trial services essential to successful litigation.  


Monitoring and Shadow Jury

Members of the Select Litigation team will attend trial and provide legal counsel with real time information and observations about the jury's demeanor and reaction to the case.  We continue to monitor jurors' activity on social media to ensure they are complying with the court’s protocol.  In addition, Select Litigation will recruit individuals to serve on a shadow jury and provide their observations of the trial. The shadow jury will be matched demographically to the trial jury to provide counsel with timely feedback about the impact of the case on the shadow jurors. 

Witness prepARATION 

Having trained hundreds of leaders for public appearances, media interviews, committee hearings, and debates, we have the requisite skills and training to help the trial team prepare key witnesses for their court appearances. We provide guidance on demeanor in the courtroom and the witness chair and handling difficult questions in a manner that will resonate with a jury.  


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Exhibit preparation 

The Select Litigation team has Oscar winning animators and graphic designers to create compelling demonstrative exhibits for trial. In addition, our extensive training and experience with databases and advanced statistics are valuable tools for the trial team. We analyze complex and voluminous data sets from phone to financial records, and are often asked to test the reliability of statistical conclusions presented by opposing counsel or included in their exhibits.

Opening and Closing Statements 

A powerful and persuasive opening statement and closing argument is critical to success. Our experts work with counsel to perfect content and delivery.  We combine our extensive experience in public opinion and public relations with our knowledge of  jurors in each case. The result provides our clients with convincing arguments that speak to jurors in a language they understand and lead to a successful outcome.

Public relations  

Our clients often draw on our extensive public relations experience, including strategy and plan implementation, media training, press release development and press conference management, media kit creation, development and placement of op-eds and letters to the editor, and social media management pertinent to the case.